Custom Itineries

 Custom Itineraries
Come Spring or Fall, it all started in TUSCANY.
You can find us in “discovery mode” all year, every single day of the week, foraging and bird-dogging, unearthing new and fun things to do. Just tell us your dates, and there is always something exciting waiting for you in Tuscany. Cheesemaking, hiking, olive pressing, wine-tasting, cooking, educating, road-tripping. Join our small groups or come on your own or with friends! Leave the details to us.
2018- October 23rd-30th   Space Available!
2019- October 22nd-29th  Space Available!
2020 To Be Announced

What’s Ahead for 2018? We stay small and intimate, so groups fill fast. 

Let’s start with Sicily and Amalfi Coast in Spring! We call this the “Dream Trip”.
Climbing Mount Etna and feeling her rumble and hiss beneath your feet.  Walking the archeological ruins of Agrigento and Pompeii. Relaxing in your private speed-boat while cruising the coast of Amalfi. Take a dip and feel the cool sea against your hot skin. Yoga yourself high above the lemon groves and fill your eyes with beautiful sea views. Feel like a local when you depart, with insiders knowledge and new friends and a wealth of laughter and knowledge under your belt.



2018 Sicily only                Sept. 30th-October 6th  2 rooms remaining!
2019 Amalfi Coast           June 3rd-9th                  SOLD OUT
                                        June 10th-16th              Space Available
2020 To Be Announced
Other tours on the agenda for Spring?
Do you like Barolo wines, Barbaresco vintages, grappa, truffles & honey? Throw in some chocolate, marzipan, and old and elegant cities… then maybe you would like traveling with us to Piedmont. We are 2 rooms away from being SOLD OUT on our 8-day Extravaganza of food, wine & culture in this beautiful area, in our own private villa. Find yourself in a truffle field digging with Gracie, a Barolo vineyard or Barbero’s age-old chocolate factory. One of our greatest pleasures is stretching our legs on medium difficult hikes, that you barely notice with all of the stunning views surrounding you. Hike your way into farmhouses and vineyards for tastings and cooking courses. Full and exceptional days the normal tourist can only dream about.
2018 –  June 8-15th           2 TOURS SOLD OUT
2018-  October 12-19th     2 Rooms remaining!
2019-  May 3rd-10th          Space Available!
2020 To Be Announced
QUICK GLIMPSE 2018             FRANCE.
Spring, glorious Spring.
…and if that weren’t enough, there is always our new favorite place in the South of France. Sometimes you enter a place and you just know. It offers all the right feelings and comforts and magical moments one could ask for in a lifetime. That’s how we felt when we built this Itinerary. Our Enthusiastic team hopes you will experience this gorgeous week in Provence. From painting a van Gogh masterpiece in chocolate to the wild horses of the Camargue to the charming hillside town of Bonnieux and our hotel’s 2 star Michelin restaurant, we think you will swoon!
2019   June 11-17th          Space Available!
2020  To be Announced
We are continuing our exploration of two new regions in Spain and Portugal.  With a wealth of seafaring tradition, you will love scenic Portugal.  Experience Cork trees, Port wine, fabulous seafood, and the Duoro River Valley.  NW Spain touts abundant 2 and 3 star Michelin restaurants, Tapas bars, and gorgeous scenery and we will learn about the culture of the Iberian Peninsula. Many Michelin starred restaurants await as well as rustic experiences of breaking bread at local tables in Portuguese homes. Hike to the top of Santa Tecla Mountain for superb views on the border of the two countries. Collect clams with local fisherwomen and understand the unique link with this land and people to the ocean. Discover the best port wines, boat on the Douro Valley River surrounded by crazy step lifts full of vine plants and taste albariño grapes. Listen to Fado music and discover the Celtic´s influence to this part of Europe through the centuries.
2018   October 22nd-31st     Space available!   Space is limited!
2019   October 18th – 27th    Space Available!
2020  To Be Announced


Pre and Post Tour help

The possibilities are endless and we can help you with almost everything in your itinerary planning!
-Hotels and we strive to find you the best prices and the highest quality.
-Car rental ideas for making your journey flawless and sensible.
-Customized tours whether it be from planning a simple appointment at a wine tasting or taking you on the wine tasting!
-Ideas for mapping out your trip in the best possible way
-Helping you plan your days so that you get the most out of your trip and savor it all!

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