Custom Itineries

Looking ahead!  What we’re doing in 2022!


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We encourage you to gather your own group of friends or family!  Pick a date and destination and we’ll do the rest.  All you need is 6 people minimum.
Join us on our already planned, small group tours with like -minded travelers and make new friends.
See below what we’re doing in 2022.








QUICK GLIMPSE!  AMALFI COAST! Relax in your private speedboat while cruising the coast of Amalfi. Take a dip and feel the cool sea against your skin. Yoga yourself high above the lemon groves, and fill your eyes with beautiful sea views. And when you come home, you may still be the same, and yes, you may go back to the same old job, but something in your mind will have changed. And trust me, that change’s everything.

2022 May 16-26 in SICILY AND AMALFI COAST -some space available

2022 September 20-30 AMALFI to SICILY – space available

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This is what I call the “dream trip” of trips. We laugh, we play, we eat, we drink, and we cook. Do this trip once in your lifetime.  GORGEOUS !



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Gather your own group of friends or family! Pick a date and we’ll do the rest.

Tuscany is a classic, full of rustic and real adventures. Transport yourself back in time and make your own cheese, hike Etruscan trails, and harvest olives and make your own olive oil.

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Come spring or fall, it all started in TUSCANY
Find us in “discovery mode” all year, foraging and bird-dogging wonderment. Something exciting is waiting for you in Tuscany with wine tasting, cooking, educating, and road- tripping.

Classic Tuscany Dates:
2022- Sept. 30-October 6th Tuscany – space available

2022 –October 9-23 Amalfi to Tuscany is sold out

2022-October 30-Nov. 11 Tuscany North & South – 4 spaces remain

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You just need 6 friends to make your own private group!



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It’s a “Race with Gracie” to see who can get to the first truffle. Gracie is our Truffle Dog, and she has been trained since a puppy by Italy’s leading truffle trainer, our guide Gianni!

Find yourself in a truffle field digging with Gracie, in a Barolo vineyard, age-old chocolate factory, or floating in a balloon above the vines. One of our greatest pleasures is stretching our legs on hikes that show you the best stunning views around. Hike your way into farmhouses and vineyards for tastings and cooking courses. Throw in some marzipan, honey, hazelnuts and grappa and old and elegant cities. We think you would like traveling with us to Piedmont. Full and exceptional days the normal tourist can only dream about.

2022 May 27-June 3 PIEMONTE – 2 – spaces available


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“Piemonte is laden with delicious views and yummy foods, we take time out from our country digs, to visit F.I.A.T and the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy’s Northern most city, oozing in elegance and beauty.”

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Explore the beauty with us! Sometimes you enter a place and you know. It offers all the right feelings and magical moments one could ask for in a lifetime. That’s how we felt when we built this Itinerary. Our Enthusiastic team hopes you will experience this gorgeous week in Provence. From painting a van Gogh masterpiece in chocolate, to the Lourmarin marketplace and an illumination show of old masterpieces in a quarry, to the charming hillside town of Bonnieux and our hotel’s 2-star Michelin restaurant, we think you will swoon!


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Guaranteed you’ll fall in love with France!

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Let’s continue our exploration of two new regions in Spain and Portugal.  With a wealth of seafaring tradition, you will love the scenic Portugal.  Experience Cork trees, Port wine, fabulous seafood, and the Duoro River Valley.  Listen to Fado music and discover the Celtic´s influence to this part of Europe through the centuries.  Michelin starred restaurants awaits as well as rustic experiences of breaking bread at local tables in Portuguese homes. Spain touts Tapas bars, and table Flamenco, as well as dancing Andalusian horses, iconic structures like the Alhambra, and some of the best olive oil in Europe.

Dates: 2022  May 1-15 in SPAIN Immersion is sold out.



May 16-26 in SICILY AND AMALFI COAST -some space available

Sept. 20-30 AMALFI to SICILY – space available 

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Sicily is a dichotomy of two-parts in contrast with one-another. Come to Sicily and enjoy its charming imperfections.

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It takes 6 friends to make your own private group!


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Sicily is unlike any other part of Italy. Wild in nature, delicious in wines, mouth-watering in food, and colorful in every way. Richness and ruins side by side. Beauty and the beast. Poverty and Poetry. Pull-on your boot-straps and enjoy the diversity. It’s a very good ride.

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We are a small and intimate tour company with excellent guides, and fun and well studied art historians that stay with our groups for the entire week.  Leave yourself in our hands for the most authentic travel experiences.


Join our small groups or make your own small group! Leave details to us.


We boast 50 of the best guides ever! We are proud of our collaborators! Giving you the best of insider knowledge!